Jasmine alleger
My work is, in a sense, a catalog of the everyday. I combine found materials with painted images of everyday items that I have either photographed or collected. The materials serve as systems for mapping information. The juxtaposition of collaged material with painted objects is a way to navigate through contemporary media. Whether that information is phone numbers, restaurant menus, street signs, city maps or food labels, I am finding my way through the appropriated material material of today.

Using the visual culture on platforms of information I seek to create patterning and a sense of push and pull between foreground and background. I am interested in exposing the aesthetic of fragmentation as a way of looking at spacial relation and subject object relationship. By bringing pieces of the background back onto the foreground, the omitted areas of the main image become as important as the remaining areas. Pieces the background become the foreground and the foreground becomes a background. This fragmentation reflects on the way our culture absorbs all the information we are bombarded with, we get a little bit of everything, but the whole picture never really gets absorbed.

I am also exploring the idea of 'the same but different'. This is done by creating the 'same' painting two or three times but with different versions of the main object on backgrounds composed in more or less the same way each time. This allows me to explore the original object and how it is recreated to serve a new purpose. For instance, a utilitarian or domestic item serves a practical function, the toy version would be for play, then by painting them I elevate the items to a level playing field, as their
purpose becomes aesthetic appeal.

-Jasmine Alleger 2012