Jasmine alleger
The Path of Most Resistance
acrylic on canvas
I got excellent intentions
And unbeatable excuses
And I'm moderate in vices
With the usual abuses
I got entertaining stories
And a cheerful disposition
And fanatical devotion
To a kamikaze mission
And you can take your common sense
And head it out the door
If you have no confidence
In what I'm fighting for
'Cause I love you, baby
I just love me so much more
And so you see, my vanity comes through for me
More often than you do for me
And in the end I'll choose the path of most resistance
And you'll say, “It doesn't have to be this way”
And try and pull me back in play
And rue the day you ever learned of my existence
I got well-examined motives
And a pre-ordained direction
I'm utopian by preference
But I'll settle for perfection
I got friends of every flavor
Evangelical and shifty
And if I can crack this open
I'm taking everybody with me
And you can take your precedents
And head 'em out the door
'Cause this ain't like anything
That's ever come before
And I love you, baby
I just love me so much more

-Mary Prankster
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