Jasmine alleger
National Nacho DayNational Mule DayNational Seafood Bisque DayNational Brandied Fruit DayNational Pumpkin Cheese Cake DayNational Nut DayNational Mole DayNational Deviled Egg DayNational Frankenstein DayNational Vinegar DayAmerican Beer DayNational Candy Corn DayNational Doughnut DayNational Cappuccino DayNational Bitter Sweet Chocolate with Almonds DayNational Chicken Lady DayNational Forget Me Not DayNational Scrapple DayNational House Wives DayNational Button DayVeterans DayIndian Pudding DayNational Chicken Soup For the Soul DayNational Baklava DayNational Pickle DayAmerica Recycles DayNational Chocolate DayNational Bologna DayInternational Bandana Day
Mail Art: Celebration Paintings
Everyday for thirty days (with the exception of Sunday, when I used the local news paper) my dad sent me a post card from our family home in California to my apartment in Philadelphia. I then used the website, http://nationaldaycalendar.com/ to determine what silly thing we were to be celbrating on the day of the post mark. (Does anyone really celbrate these things? an excuse to eat donuts? who decided what we are celbrating?)

The series spans from October 19th to November 30th.