Jasmine alleger
A Ladder to the Sky Basketball Diaries No 2. Us Against You Mr. Jones's First Outing Basketball Diaries No 1. The Girl Who Planted Flowers Janis and Marcus Paper Towns Tatowierer Th Light of the Fireflies The Seven Husbands No. 2 Unsheltered No. 2The Seven Husbands no. 1 Unsheltered no 1. The Lucuna The Cult of Loretta no 1 The Cult of Loretta no 2Spy of the First Person Still Waters Tobacco Road no. 1Tobacco Road no 2. Fathers and Sons The Poet and The Novelist As Roommates
Bookworm Collages
Collages made from vintage magazines. Quotes come from books I have read. Each piece is titled for the book it is referencing.