Jasmine alleger
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Wanderlust: From Prague to Belgrade
When my Grandmom (aka GMoney) made her grand farewell, I was lost, broken, and ravished with grief but a bit wealthier all the same. I packed my bags, looking for peace. I took G’s gold (and a stuffed alligator) to Prague, Budapest and Belgrade. What I saw was beautiful and unfamiliar. The Romanesque architecture was every bit as inspiring as the rattle can graffiti. I spent the weeks observing, crying and smiling. Even if just for a moment, I found peace in the hills of Prague. She never would have understood why I picked Budapest, but she would have waited for my phone call from the airport and delighted in my stories. We are different in that way. She never had a passport and I’ve never been able to sit still. I only hope to love as fiercely as she taught me was possible.

In the following year I painted my observations. This is a show about wandering, loving and longing.

“Ever since my childhood I've been scared, I've been afraid. Of being trapped by circumstance and staying in one place. So I always keep a small bag full of clothes carefully stored. Somewhere secret somewhere safe and somewhere close to the door.”

-Frank Turner